Who Has to Sign On?

Moving into a new rental property is exciting, especially if you’ve found a dream apartment or house with friends. However, make sure you don’t get caught up in the glow of a home and forget to ask the most important questions about the place! Here’s some common queries that people should remember when they prepare to sign a lease.

You need to clarify with your landlord exactly who is going to be on the lease, and what the process is when people move out or have others move in. Does the landlord want everyone under the roof to be on the lease? Or will one or two tenants suffice? Also keep your bond payments clear – document who has put how much into bond, and how much each person is entitled to when you leave the home. You don’t want a tangle of people claiming they are owed bond money and no proof of anything when a lease ends

What Are You Responsible For?

Get an inventory organised before you move in – that furniture might look fantastic, but it could be an heirloom belonging to the owner of the home, and any damages could become a costly problem. If you wish to furnish a home yourself, discuss this with the landlord and work out how to change these items over. If the place is unfurnished, as is often the case, remember to organize buying appliances like fridges or washing machines, or at least getting a rental.

How Connected Will You Be?

The house might have the perfect bathroom and sunny bedrooms for all, but if you’re someone who needs to stay connected to the internet constantly, then you should absolutely inquire about this before putting your name on the lease. When will the home be connected to the National Broadband Network? Is there a gas line or is the heating electric? Make sure you know all the details about how your power and communications are wired and that it suits your needs before signing on. We buy houses in Hallandale Beach.

It’s important to keep a cool head when you are renting a home – once you sign a lease, you take on many responsibilities to the landlord and the home. Don’t allow yourself to be blinded by one or two great features until you’ve seen every aspect of the property and make sure you know exactly what you’re getting.